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What is synthetic sapphire?

Synthetic sapphires are created in a lab but they look almost identical to sapphires found in nature. It is usually only gem experts who can distinguish between them. The Greek name is sapphires.


Available in many stunning colors, from vibrant blue through to fancy-colored yellows, pinks and greens as well as the ruby. Jesimice uses a white, orange, blue, rose pink, black and alexandrites variety of synthetic sapphire.


White Sapphire helps one to recognize and access their talents and to use them in pursuing their life’s work. Wearing White Sapphire enhances the qualities of fairness, objectivity, morality, and freedom from greed.

Why synthetic sapphire?

Synthetic Sapphires are chemically, physically and optically identical to natural gems, but they have fewer flaws and a lighter carbon footprint. They are among the most beautiful, durable, and affordable options.

How they’re made?

The mineral composition of lab-created stones is created through a process similar to what nature does beneath the earth over millions of years, but in a lab at a fraction of the time, and for a fraction of the cost of mining.

Other considerations

Environmentally speaking, by choosing our finest lab-created stone, you're reducing the harmful impact mining has on the environment and native communities. And needless to say, they are great for traveling.


Synthetic sapphire is easy to care for and requires little effort to maintain. Avoid rough handling and store items of jewelry separately to avoid scratches. Wash gently in lukewarm soapy water.